Abiding Care and Support provides services for young people aged 16 - 21 with low, medium or high support needs.  Abiding Care and Support provide the following services:


  • Supported accommodation

  • Individual personal support

  • Daily life skills development

  • Waking and sleeping night service

  • Outreach and floating support

  • Work experience placement service




We have a number of accommodation solutions available throughout London and the Home Counties.  These include:


  • One bedroom and studio apartments with flexible outreach/floating support for young people needing low to medium levels of support


  • Shared houses for up to five young people with on-site key worker support and waking/sleeping night services for young people needing medium to high levels of support and supervision.


Because Abiding Care and Support  has a staff team with wide experience and it is a member of a group of companies who control over 500 accommodation units throughout London and the Home Counties we are able to provide commissioners with bespoke supported accommodation solutions for low, medium, high and specialist needs.  Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.


Individual Personal Support


Each young person is allocated a member of the team who will take a lead responsibility as his key worker. Careful consideration will be given to this allocation and all possible attempts will be made during the referral and planned admission stage to ensure the young person has an opportunity to meet his key worker and thus begin the process of relationship building and making sure that at the time of any move, they will have a ‘familiar and friendly face’ to support them.

The key worker, in consultation with the young person, will develop a support plan based upon individual need. The key worker will also support the young person to maintain any links he may have with other agencies involved directly or indirectly with his care. The key worker will be expected to meet regularly with the young person and all plans, aims and objectives will be discussed to ensure that progress is monitored and that all issues are addressed in a focussed and clear fashion with reference at all times to the young person’s individual level of understanding and communication style.


Moving On


We work closely with the service user and supporting agencies to facilitate a successful move on into local authority accommodation or the private rented sector.  At least three months of outreach/floating support is provided to ensure our service users settle into their ‘move on’ accommodation.  


Abiding Support Service is sometimes also able to offer its service users ‘move on’ accommodation in the private rented sector.  Our parent company has a large portfolio of residential rental accommodation available in London and the Home Counties.