Synonyms of Abiding:


enduringlastingpersistinglong-lastinglifelong, continuing, remainingsurvivingstanding, fixed, durableeverlastingperpetualeternal, unending, constant, permanentstable, unchanging, steadfast, immutable

Source:  Oxford English Dictionaries

Abiding Care and Support is part of a group of companies who control a large residential property portfolio, consisting of more than 500 properties across London and the Home Counties.   A large part of that property portfolio is rented to vulnerable and previously homeless people.  


The wider Group therefore has a good understanding of supported housing provision needs and the sensitivities of dealing with people in this sector. This gives Abiding Care and Support more flexibility in the provision of accommodation solutions than is available to most other semi-independent living service providers, both whilst service users are in our semi-independent accommodation and when it is time for them to ‘move on’ into fully independent accommodation.


Abiding Care and Support is managed by a senior management team who between them have extensive experience in general management, providing good quality accommodation and most importantly, in supporting young people.  

The name 'Abiding' was chosen by the business founders because it reflects their vision of how an organisation should be when it is supporting young people to develop independant lives.  Symonyms which explain the meaning of the word 'abiding' are listed on this page.
Our aim is to provide all of our young people with good quality accommodation and an excellent support service as they move towards full independance.